SLTA Chapter NextGen

Swiss LegalTech Association – the Chapter NextGen

SLTA invests in the future generations of legal market actors

The Swiss LegalTech Association promotes and cooperates with student associations that wish to get involved in legal technology. We believe that the discussion about the evolution of the legal services market should begin as early as possible, therefore during university studies.

This is the only way for law students to prepare for the future and understand the legal market and how to position themselves after graduation.

SLTA want to contribute to this future and welcomes students initiatives!

Join SLTA Chapter NextGen and enjoy many benefits

These association are welcome to reach out to use and get accreditation in our Chapter NextGen and a free corporate membership with the SLTA. We will share our know-how and contribute to their success in promoting the modernizing of the legal market.

For this purpose, the conditions of the SLTA Student Chapter guidelines must be fulfilled:

Student associations can submit the necessary documentation to us by email:

Inquiries and chapters

If you have any questions, please contact the heads of the Chapter NextGen:

List of the SLTA Student Chapters: