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SWISSLEX provides the leading digital legal information platform in Switzerland. The strength of the system lies in the combination of technology and legal content. ...
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Nearly 28,000 users working in law firms, courts, government bodies, inhouse legal departments, tax and auditing firms and universities use the service regularly for their legal research. Swisslex employs 22 professionals, amongst others in the fields of software engineering, data science and law.
Swiss ALP Asset Management GmbH develops investment products which provide constant cash yields. Its sourcing of new investment opportunities relies more and more on legal tech methodologies.
Swiss ALP
PRAGER DREIFUSS is one of Switzerland’s leading law firms for commercial law. As an integrated partnership, we are efficiently organized and managed.
Prager Dreifuss
Axiom is the leading provider of tech-enabled legal, contracts, and compliance solutions for large enterprises. A recognized leader in the business of law, Axiom offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional legal career path. ...
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Our team of lawyers, professionals, process engineers and technologists work with over half the FTSE/Fortune 100 to unlock opportunities to do things more efficiently and effectively, improving the way legal, compliance and contracts work is done.
As a leading continental European law firm with offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as in all major global financial centers, Loyens & Loeff serves its clients with pragmatic advice and tailor-made solutions aimed to support their business goals. ...
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From our Zurich office, and utilizing the global expertise of more than 500 corporate and regulatory lawyers as well as 350 international tax lawyers across our international practice and network, we provide our clients with integrated, to-the-point and unbiased advice on all aspects of Swiss laws and regulations.
Loyens & Loeff
With several hundred law offices using timeSensor LEGAL in Switzerland, Germany, France and Luxemburg, timeSensor is a well known provider of cross-plattform legal practise management software. Our comprehensive solutions for law offices and legal departments are designed to fullfill the needs of the most sophisticated legal professionals.
timeSensor AG
WinJur International AG is the developer and owner of WinJur®, a law office software, with customers (lawyers, law offices and legal departments) in Switzerland (almost 1000), Germany and US, ranging from 1 to 300 users (4 of the top 10 law firms in Switzerland use the WinJur Enterprise Edition). ...
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WinJur is offered in German, English, French and Italian. We are also offering self-service for small customers with free email support. WinJur includes extended functionality for document and e-mail creation / management and endless possibilities for customizing including Add-ins.
Symfact provides global and local enterprises with a single web based technology platform that addresses both Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECLM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).
Arendt & Medernach is the leading independent business law firm in Luxembourg. The firm’s international team of more than 300 legal professionals represents Luxembourg and foreign clients in all areas of Luxembourg business law from our head office in ...
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Luxembourg and our representative offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York and Paris. We strive for excellence in order to achieve the best results for our clients and we always look for creative solutions. Our specialised practice areas allow us to offer a complete range of Luxembourg legal and tax services tailored to the client’s individual needs across all areas of business law..
Weblaw is a Berne based specialist providing a daily work basis for scholars and practizing law professionals. The company offers a wide range of market information, scientific knowledge and services for all legal needs. Weblaw is a developer of automation and search technology, a specialized editor with a strong online and new media focus as well as a consulting company.
100 RUE DU RHONE AVOCATS is a Swiss law firm based in Geneva and Sion operating in an innovative way. Our direct, results-based approach is governed by the rule of “precision in decision”. ...
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Our lawyers are not only experts in their own field, but – above all – they perfectly understand the profession and industry of our clients to protect their interests at the best. Our team of high level professionals with complementary competences and multilingual skills offers top quality legal services in all areas of business law and company law.
LAWSHIFT is a team of highly motivated and engaged legal professionals with concrete experiences in the interface of Law and Regulation – Economics – Technology. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities and the disruptive potential of Blockchain technology and LegalTech. ...
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Our clients are Blockchain and technology driven startups and enterprises as well as mature enterprises working in tech driven business ecosystems. We support our clients on their entire corporate journey focusing on legal, economic and compliance aspects and challenges of technology, digital transformation and working in ecosystems. Located in the CV Labs in Zug, we are close to our clients and work where innovative ideas arise.
With an innovative approach, emphasising on in-house corporate expertise, Lexperience is a well known provider of legal, compliance and regulatory services. With state of the art solutions Lexperience executes internal investigations as well as investigations on behalf of regulatory authorities and provides data privacy solutions.
eJust is an online Arbitration Center that provides a fast, confidential and enforceable dispute resolution service for all commercial disputes. eJust was created by lawyers, entrepreneurs and asset managers to offer an actual alternative to the court system. ...
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eJust accelerates Justice to the pace of business by upgrading traditional arbitration to a highly optimized dispute resolution process. eJust delivers enforceable awards for commercial disputes, in an average of 30 days and for a flat fee.
PwC Legal Switzerland offers a unique style of integrated legal advice. We are part of the Global PwC Legal Network and, with more than 3200 lawyers across more than 90 countries, offer the broadest geographical coverage of any legal services provider. ...
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At the same time we are embedded within the powerful, multi-disciplinary organisation and broad client footprint of the Swiss and global professional services leader. This allows for one-stop-shop support combining top legal advice with expertise in the areas of strategy, tax, deals, consulting and assurance to help you to efficiently address your global challenges in an increasingly complex world. The way we work with our clients is also different. We not only provide answers, we deliver solutions tailored to specific needs and have the ability to adapt as these needs change. As innovative and entrepreneurial lawyer-managers we work with your own specialists as a team with a focus on practical results. Remotely, on site or wherever you need us in the world. Our extensive workbench enables us to deliver highest quality legal work, efficiently managed legal services, flexible legal resources and cutting edge LegalTech solutions and to rapidly switch between them or add new services .We are building the law firm of the future. Every day!
PWC Legal Switzerland
STARTUPS.CH supports new entrepreneurs - before, during and after incorporation. Safe, fast and easy - you receive your incorporation documents within 24 hours. Personal advice at 20 locations in Switzerland. Own lawyers, accountants and economists. ...
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Low start-up costs, thanks to strong partners. Experience from more than 15,000 start-ups. Other services, such as business plan consulting, accounting, legal contract, trademark protection and much more.
Blum & Grob is a renowned Swiss law firm located in the heart of Zurich. We foster a personal and open approach with our clients. We see ourselves as attorneys who think and act entrepreneurially, who offer pragmatic solutions, and who are distinctively cost conscious in carrying out a mandate.
Blum & Grob Rechtsanwälte
With offices in Zurich and Geneva and specialists with expertise in all areas of business law, we are able to form customized teams to meet the needs of a vast range of international and domestic clients. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience and the total commitment of our people, we help our clients to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. ...
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Our firm is known for diversity, integrity, outstanding quality standards and proven effectiveness.
Pestalozzi Rechtsanwälte
LAW·RENCE Legal SA is a lead generation platform, that aims to put in contact clients with the right Lawyers, and solves client’s problems in a minimal timeframe, with a complete control of the costs, and with highly experienced attorneys. The company is based and Geneva and partners with 25 lawyers from 15 law firms across Switzerland. We hope to improve our solution by using incorporating new technologies to our platform very soon.
Lawrence Legal SA
Thomson Reuters Corp (Thomson Reuters) is a Canada-based provider of news and information for professional markets. The company is organized in three customer segments: Legal Professionals, Corporates, and Tax Professionals. The multinational company also operates Reuters, a global news agency. Thomson Reuters strives for excellence by providing professionals the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers.
Thomson Reuters Corp
Thomson Reuters Labs around the world collaborate with customers to solve big problems and rapidly prototype and validate solutions using data science and lean techniques. Working with external partners, Thomson Reuters Labs are active members of regional innovation ecosystems, delivering world-class solutions for customers.
Thomson Reuters Labs
As a corporate and tech law focused law firm, Suter Howald Attorney at-Law supports companies from startup to maturity on their corporate journey with all the upcoming challenges of changing market environment and digital transformation.
Suter Howald Attorneys at Law
Founded in 1993, FBT Attorneys-at-Law is a business law firm with offices in Geneva and Paris. FBT is a dynamic law firm with an undisputed reputation. It advises private and corporate clients in Switzerland and abroad with a special focus on France. The firm’s lawyers are recognised leaders in their specialised practice areas and have a strong track record of providing highly efficient services to its clients. ...
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FBT Swiss-French teams collaborate on a daily basis with the highest standards in assisting their clients with domestic and cross-border transactions in banking and finance, tax, corporate and litigation matters. FBT is thus recognized for its expertise and is fully dedicated to delivering effective solutions to its clients
FBT Avocats
Founded in Karlsruhe in 1993, the STP Group is one of Europeen's leading providers of software for lawyers with the highest turnover. Core competence is the development of software solutions and information systems for lawyers, judicial administrations and all institutions in contact with this circle. ...
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STP AG is the German market leader in the areas of insolvency administration software, software for insolvency courts and law firm management systems for law firms and also one of the leading providers of document management systems for law firms. In addition to the parent company, STP Informationstechnologie AG, three other subsidiaries belong to the group of companies.
STP Informationstechnologie AG
Seal Software is the leading provider of contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics and empowers enterprises around the world to maximize revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with contractual documents, systems, and processes. ...
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With Seal’s machine learning and NLP technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts and place them in a centralized repository. Seal Software is a firm that focuses on legal advice and representation of small and medium sized companies as well as start-ups. As such we are the right partner for enterprises and entrepreneurs which are looking for quality, efficiency and target-oriented services. ...
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As a unique service, we provide our clients with an external legal department run by at no extra cost. Our client portal my.bwp is accessible at any time and offers an overview over all our clients’ legal business at one glance.
Legartis makes legal work easier, faster and more efficient. Firstly, it allows to ensure contract compliance according to company guidelines within seconds. Secondly it allows finding the relevant information across multiple contracts up to 90% faster. Thirdly, its unlocks the full legal data understanding, allowing enterprises to gain untapped business intelligence.
Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry, takes on large-scale, increasingly complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms, and business professionals with efficiency, clarity, and confidence. Clients rely on Epiq to streamline the administration of business operations, class action and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcy matters. Epiq subject-matter experts and technologies create efficiency through expertise and deliver confidence to high-performing clients around the world.
ipQuants quantifies the world’s intellectual property data and empowers lawyers, innovators and their advisors to find more relevant information faster. Whether it’s identifying key Case Law arguments for a patent appeal case, or conducting data-driven IP due diligence, our clients make decisions and execute plans based on statistical objectivity rather than intuition. Enabling our users to achieve improved outcomes for their clients in the most efficient manner is what drives us every day.
ipQuants AG
Nexpert is an independent full-service IT-provider, founded in 2002. Servicing customers of the legal vertical is a strategic focus of the company since its foundation. Nexpert provides a comprehensive set of services and solutions - often as a one stop shop - for legal clients. The team has profound knowledge of the legal services industry and Nexpert acts for a broad range of clients and IT providers as a trusted advisor in Legal Tech endeavors.
With 195 professionals and a total of more than 300 staff, the law firm, which dates back to 1885 and has offices in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Sion and Zurich and representation offices in Binningen, Shanghai and Tokyo, is one of the largest in Switzerland and boasts a rich tradition. Kellerhals Carrard operates throughout Switzerland, whilst maintaining very strong local roots, advising clients nationally and abroad. ...
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We advise and represent companies and entrepreneurs from all industries and economic sectors, public authorities, national and international organisations and private individuals before all judicial and administrative bodies nationally and abroad in practically all areas of the law. Kellerhals Carrard
Phoenix Business Solutions is a leading information, content and document management specialist, providing strategic consultancy, software solutions and system integration for organisations across the legal and professional services markets, globally since 2003. Our solutions enhance the product management process that enables an agile, mobile and collaborative workforce to Be Efficient. ...
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In turn this ensures immediate, secure and governed access to data across the entire organisation, whilst intelligently applying the information for insight and transformation purposes, ensuring your firm will Be Safe and Be Smart. As the Number 1 Global iManage Partner, with unparalleled iManage technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge, we support over 400 customers across the world.
Phoenix Business Solutions
de la cruz beranek Attorneys at Law Ltd is a national and international law firm specialized in information, communication and technology law (ICT) based in Zug, Switzerland. IT and new technologies have long been the basis of many economic processes. In this way, our specialists cover areas of law in which questions relating to technology play an important role. ...
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With our experts in the fields of technology law such as data protection, outsourcing, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, initial coin offering (ICO), distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain as well as contract law, corporate law and intellectual property law we are able to offer customized legal services and solutions for our clients.
de la cruz beranek Attorneys at Law
Jur provides a marketplace where legal experts can design templates for creating Smart Legal Contracts that anyone can use to make a contract attached to an escrow account and a dispute resolution system. Jur also enables experts to create dispute resolution jurisdictions on the blockchain for effective justice for every business relationship worldwide. Companies can access a new secure, fair, affordable and extremely fast justice in business relationships.